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Wholly Smoke (1938)

whollysmoke1.jpg (17838 bytes)
Looney Tune
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Animation: Robert Bentley (as Robt.)
Story by George Manuell (as Geo.)
Musical Direction by Carl W. Stalling

Originally Released in 1938
Redrawn in 1968
Redrawn by Color Systems Inc.
Computer Colorized in 1992
Colorized by CST Entertainment Inc.

Plot Summary:
A neighborhood bully convinces Porky to take a puff from his cigar, causing Porky to hallucinate a smoke-man named Nick O' Teen, along with a musical number done by cigars, cigarettes and pipes in the likeness of the 3 Stooges, etc. Porky learns his lesson and promises not to smoke again.

What were they thinking? Porky dissapears, the colors are bad...I highly reccomend the B&W version of this cartoon.

whollysmoke10.jpg (11241 bytes)whollysmoke2.jpg (17305 bytes)whollysmoke3.jpg (17334 bytes)whollysmoke4.jpg (16465 bytes)whollysmoke5.jpg (8528 bytes)whollysmoke6.jpg (12343 bytes)whollysmoke7.jpg (16949 bytes)whollysmoke8.jpg (17813 bytes)whollysmoke9.jpg (14970 bytes)
Pictures by Pietro Shakarian

Redrawn version notes:

   - Cartoon Network version has the 1956 Looney Tune sheild card in place of the original 1938 sheild card.
   - One of 7 redrawn Looney Tunes still played on Cartoon Network.
   - Long out-of-focus scene looks like it was not animated right.
   - Cel animation does not match up with backgrounds sometimes.
   - A poster has "tonight" as "to night"
   - Ending scene seems un-synchronized with sound.
   - Porky stops moving his lips before he stops talking in the last scene.
   - Closing iris does not close all the way.
   - Cels slide instead of real animation sometimes.
   - Porky is missing from a scene and so is Nick O'Teen's pump.(Pictures by Jon Cooke):

   -Redrawn version edits a brief scene with a Cab Calloway pipe cleaner. (Paul Belanger)

Computer colorized version notes:

   - Colorized in 1992
   - Digital color version edits a brief scene with a Cab Calloway pipe cleaner.


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