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The Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies Page
Another site by Jon Cooke. Excellent source of LT/MM info and fun!
Also includes some redrawn info/pictups!

Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research Co.
Great site with cartoon news, info, and original titles!

Argus Stevenson's TV Distributors Site
Ever wonder how cartoons got to TV? This site shows you how!
Heavy on great info and pictures.

Dave Mackey's WB Cartoon Filmography
A great filmography of the WB cartoons. Has credits, notes, and other keen info.

Thad's Cartoon Website
A site devoted to Warner Bros. and Tom & Jerry cartoons.

Pietro's Vintage Looney Tunes Site
Features Bosko, Speedy, Pvt. Snafu, and more!

The Internet Movie Database
A directory of features, videos, and even (You said it!) cartoons!

Library of Congress
Believe it or else, the LOC has copies of every WB colorized cartoon
and many of the redrawn Popeyes for viewing. When in D.C...

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