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Miscellenous Series

Not only were major cartoon series like WB's Looney Tunes, now NTA-owned Betty Boop's, Turner owned Popeyes and
Merrie Melodies were colorized by the redrawing process, many small series were colorized.

Some silent Mutt & Jeff cartoons were redrawn and scored.
Westward Whoa (1926) can be found on some public domain tapes.
If you know of more colorized cartoons from the 1930's, email me.

A handful of Warner Bros. cartoons were remade using in-house colorized animation
and re-painted backgrounds from earlier B&W cartoons.

Wagon Heels (1944) [Used colorized footage of Injun Trouble (1938)]
Slightly Daffy (1944) [Used colorized footage of  Scalp Trouble(1939)]
Tick Tock Tuckered (1944) [Used colorized footage from Porky's Badtime Story (1937)]
Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943) [Used colorized footage of Porky In Wackyland (1938)]
Dough For The Do-Do (1949) [Used colorized footage of Porky In Wackyland (1938) and Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943)]

If you know of more colorized cartoons from the 1940's, email me.


Color Systems Inc. (Headed by Fred Ladd) starts colorizing experiments.


Krazy Kat
18 cartoons from Columbia Pictures (Colorized by Color Systems Inc.)
Alaskan Nights (1930)
Antique Antics (1933)
Apache Kid (1930)
The Autograph Hunter (1934)
The Bandmaster (1930)
Bars and Stripes (1930)
The Bill Poster (1930)
Birth of Jazz (1932)
Bowery Daze (1934)
Broadway Malady (1933) (Colorized for sure)
Bunnies and Bonnets (1933)
Busy Bus (1934)
Cat's Meow, The (1930)
Catnips of 1940 (1934)
Cinder Alley (1934)
Cinderella (1930)
Crystal Gazebo, The (1932)
Curio Shop, The (1933)
Desert Sunk (1930)
Disarmanent Conference (1931)
Gas House (1931)
Goofy Gondolas (1934)
Hash House Blues (1931)
Hic-Cups the Champ (1932)
Hollywood Goes Krazy (1932)
Honolulu Wives (1930)
House Cleaning (1933)
Jazz Rhythm (1930)
Krazy Spooks (1933)
Krazy's Waterloo (1934)
Lambs Will Gamble (1930)
Little House Keeping (1932)
Little Trail (1930)
Love Krazy (1932)
Masquerade Party (1934)
Medicine Show (1933)
Minstrel Show, The (1932)
Old Flame, An (1930)
Out of the Ether (1933)
Paper Hanger (1932)
Piano Mover (1932)
Prosperity Blues (1932)
Restless Sax (1931)
Ritzy Hotel (1932)
Rodeo Dough (1931)
Russian Dressing (1933)
Seeing Stars (1932)
Slow Beau (1930)
Snow Time (1932)
Soda Poppa (1931)
Soldier Old Man (1932)
Southern Exposure (1934)
Spook Easy (1930)
Stage Krazy (1933)
Stork Market (1931)
Svengarlic (1931)
Swiss Movements (1931)
Take for a Ride (1931)
Tom Thumb (1934)
Trapeze Artist (1934)
Wedding Bells (1933)
Weenie Roast (1931)
Whacks Museum (1933)
What a Knight (1932)
Wooden Shoes (1933)

Radio & TV Packagers' Redrawn Set
43 public domain cartoons from various studios were redrawn, re-titled, and redubbed
with a new musical score (and sometimes sound effects.)

Warner Bros:

Ain't Nature Grand
Up's N' Downs (retitled Off To The Race)
Bosko's Woodland Daze
One More Time (retitlted On Duty)
Moonlight For Two (retitled Barnyard Frolics)
I Like Mountain Music (retitled Magazine Rack)
We're In The Money (retitled Toy Shop)
The Country Boy (originally a COLOR cartoon!)

Other Cartoons:
Sunken Treasure (Felix)
Mister Do-All (Felix)
Misses Swiss (Felix)
The Inventor (Felix)
Chinese Laterns (Van Beuren?)
The Villien pursues here (=Sinister Stuff) (Van Beuren)
Dog Missing (Mutt & Jeff)
Big City
Dancing Bear
Farmer Grey in Turning In (Terry?)
Love Bug (WB?)
Music and Charm
Puss in Boots (Iwerks?)
Spring Cleaning
Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Mailpilot
Under Dog
Can anyone idenify these and some not on this list? Email me.
Do you know of any more colorized cartoons from the 50's and 60's? Email me.

"The Year of the Turner redrawns"

Besides about 100 Popeye cartoons, a few small sets of redrawn colorized cartoons were made
by the newly established Entercolor Technologies.

Harmon-Ising Merrie Melodies (Turner)
See their own section here.

Captain and the Kids (Turner)

Blue Monday (1938)
Buried Treasure (1938)
Captain's Pup (1938)
Cleaning House (1938)
Day at the Beach, A (1938)
Honduras Hurricane (1938)
Mama's New Hat (1939)
Old Smokey (1938) 
Poultry Pirates (1938)
Pygmy Hunt, The (1938)
Seal Skinners (1939)
What a Lion! (1938)
Winning Ticket, The (1938)

Barney Google (Columbia)

L'il Abner (Columbia)
Mickey Mouse (Disney)
10 Mickeys (not finns)

- Begins colorizing experiments
1968 - COLOR SYSTEMS, INC. (partnered with Elliot Hyman) begins with 78 Porky Pig cartoon, 100 Betty Boops, 18 Krazy Kats, test of FARMER AL FALFA, Mutt & Jeff cartoons; colorized 43 PD cartoons (including Felix, Bosko & Buddy titles) for former employer Radio & Television Packagers.
1974 - Elliot Hyman dies - Dissolved COLOR SYSTEMS
1975 - Sets up GREATEST TALES INC. (to dub Japanese animated fairy tales (Snow Queen, Hansel & Gretal) for institutional market)
1974-84 various dubbing projects mainly live action; established PLAID PRODUCTIONS with Graham Place (Fleischer animator) did commercials, TALES OF THE GOOD BOOK (animated Bible stories)
1984 - Ladd in Los Angeles starts ENTERCOLOR TECHOLOGIES CORP. Columbia's Barney Googles, L'iL Abner, Oswald The Rabbit test, ten Mickey Mouse cartoons.
1986-87 - Entercolor colorizes Fleischer POPEYE cartoons for Turner - also 26 Turner Merrie Melodies and MGM Captain & The Kids titles.