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Betty Boop
Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick, an animator at Fleischer Studios. In 1933, Paramount acquired the
cartoon rights to Popeye, and he was introduced in an episode of Betty Boop. Betty Boop was made
until 1939, when Mae Questel, who did the voice of Betty, decided to stay in New York, hence the less
frequent appearances of Olive Oyl in the Popeye series. In 1955, Paramount was planning
to sell 2000 short subjects to television for $4.5 million. Some of this information
is conjecture. U.M.&M. T.V. Corp., a consortium of television stations, made
the offer. U.M.&M. was headed by A.W. Schwalberg, Paramount's former VP in charge of domestic distribution.
In the meantime, King Features Syndicate, negotitated a deal with Associated Artists Productions,
headed by Eliot Hyman, to buy the Popeye cartoons. Therefore, the Popeye cartoons ended up in A.A.P.'s hands.

NTA, or National Telefilms Associates, decided to "enhance" the old Boop cartoons with color using the same process
of copying cels and re-creating backgrounds as the 1968-69 Looney Tunes redrawns.

Original B&W Timeframe: 1930-1939
Original B&W Producer: Fleicher Studios (Through Paramount)
Original B&W Availabity: Common on AMC; Rare on Cartoon Network (Most on video)
Redrawn Timeframe: 1970's (Exact years unknown)
Redrawn Producer: National Telefilm Associates  (Made In Korea)

Redrawn Availability: On a few "official" tapes (Sometimes with color removed)
Redrawn Quality: 1-5 (Horrible to Bad)

Computer Colorized Versions Don't Exist As Of 2000

Redrawn Colorized
Is My Palm Read? (1933?)
Minnie The Moocher (1932?)
[List under construction]
Popeye The Sailor (1933) [In POPEYE section]