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Merrie Melodies

Original B&W Timeframe: 1931-1933 (Harmon-Ising titles ONLY)
Original B&W Producer: Warner Bros.
Original B&W Availabity: RARE only on Cartoon Network (See Redrawn Avail.)
Redrawn Timeframe: 1992
Redrawn Producer: Turner Entertainment Company (Made in Korea)

Redrawn Availability: VERY RARE (usually with color turned off)
Redrawn Quality: 8-10 out of 10 (Superb job of colorizing)

Computer Colorized Versions Don't Exist As Of 2000

Redrawn Colorized
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! (1931)
One More Time (1931)
You Don't Know What You're Doin' (1931)
Hittin' The Trail To Hallelujah Land (1931) [Could be...]
Red-Headed Baby (1931)
Pagan Moon (1932)
Freddy The Freshman (1932)
Crosby, Columbo, And Vallee (1932)
Goopy Geer (1932)
It's Got Me Again (1932)
Moonlight For Two (1932)
The Queen Was In The Parlor (1932)
I Love A Parade (1932)
You're Too Careless With Your Kisses! (1932)
I Wish I Had Wings (1932)
A Great Big Bunch Of You (1932)
Three's A Crowd (1932)
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (1933)
One Step Ahead Of My Shadow (1933)
Young And Healthy (1933)
The Organ Grinder (1933)
Wake Up The Gypsy In Me (1933)
I Like Mountain Music (1933)
Shuffle Off To Buffalo (1933)
The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon (1933)
We're In The Money (1933)

Warner owned B&W Merrie Melodies might be computer colorized.