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Minnie The Moocher (1933)

minniemoocher1.jpg (10533 bytes)
Betty Boop

Directed by Dave Fleischer

(Features Cab Calloway as...a walrus ghost!)
Originally Released in 1933
Redrawn Colorized in 1969
Redrawn Colorized by Color Systems, Inc.

Viacom owns this film now.
"Public Domain"

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minniemoocher1.jpg (10533 bytes)minniemoocher1.jpg (10533 bytes)minniemoocher1.jpg (10533 bytes)minniemoocher5.jpg (6854 bytes)
minniemoocher6.jpg (9960 bytes)minniemoocher7.jpg (10686 bytes)minniemoocher8.jpg (10799 bytes)
Pictures by Pietro Shakarian


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