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Ali-Baba Bound (1940)

alibabatitle.jpg (7412 bytes)

Looney Tune

Directed by Robert Clampett
Animated By Vive Risto  
Story by Melvin Millar
Musical Direction by Carl W. Stalling

Original B&W: 1940
Redrawn in 1968 or 1969
Computer Colorized in 1992
"Public Domain"

Watch the redrawn version

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Plot Summary:
Porky finds out that Ali-Baba and his Dirty Sleeves plan to attack the fort; it's up to him to go warn the fort. He gets there to discover everyone has left for the Legion convention in Boston. Porky and his rented camel fend off the attackers themselves for a while, but when the situation gets dire, the young camel summons its mother. Momma takes care of the attacker that's menacing them. The secret weapon, who has been sitting on the bench with an artillery shell strapped to his head, now comes in, but runs right through the fort and into Ali-Baba.

This cartoon is pretty good in it's original form. The redrawn version is pretty bad, though. As you may know, the cel painters must have thought black is ALWAYS red. The iris is an obvious result of this color confusion.  It's amazing that flies would get trapped under cels and the artists wouldn't clean them off!

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Redrawn version notes:
      - Opening on most prints comes from a 1950 Looney Tune (green rings).
        The fade between the WB sheild card and the Looney Tune card has been edited out so that opening theme is in sync with cards.
      - Green line in the middle of Brown Turban scene. (Probably on the original negative.)
      - Flies get trapped under cels most noticeable when Porky exists the Brown Turban.
         alifly0.jpg (22502 bytes) alifly3.jpg (21607 bytes)
     - Cel casts a shadow too.
         alifly5.jpg (16350 bytes)
    - When George Raft is first seen, the pan down to his feet causes him to "jump up"
    - Backgrounds are very ugly in this redrawn.
    - Red iris out at the end.
    - Commonly seen version on public domain videotapes.

    -Special thanks to Richard Jebe for all pictures of the redrawn version of Ali-Baba Bound.

Computer colorized version notes:

     - Colorized in 1992
     - Seldom seen because of Arab stereotypes.


Name:     Pietro Shakarian
Subject:   Interesting redrawn film.

This film is one of the worst redrawns ever. My print of this cartoon redrawn looks like it came from a 16mm. It was toned in                         black and white. I found this copy on my Kids Klassics Porky Pig video.

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