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Get Rich Quick Porky (1937)

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Looney Tune

Directed by Robert Clampett
Animated By Charles Jones
Porky voiced by Mel Blanc
Gabby voiced by Cal Howard
Other voices by Earle Hodgins & Bernice Hanson
Musical Direction by Carl W. Stalling

Original B&W: 1937
Redrawn in 1968 or 1969
Computer Colorized in 1992
"Public Domain"

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Plot Summary:
Porky and Gabby are about to deposit their savings in the bank when a shyster sells them a lot that's full of oil because he planted it there. Meanwhile, a dog trying to bury a bone has lots more luck finding oil than Porky and Gabby until the shyster shuts off the oil-filled sprinklers. Meanwhile, Gabby hits oil for real and rides his jackhammer into the swindler's pants causing him to drop the deed.

This cartoon isn't really that funny and the redrawn version makes it really empty.
Watching this cartoon next to one of Clampett's later cartoons makes you wonder if he really did direct this!
The gopher looks like it's from

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Redrawn version notes:

- Has a yellow-tinted Sunset Prod. card, redrawn 1937 Fat Porky LT card, and a Warner/7-Arts closing
  - Red iris
  - Backgrounds and cels don't line-up sometimes.

Digital Color version notes:

- Colorized in 1992

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