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Cartoon Picture Captioning

alibaba1.jpg (3668 bytes)
Ail-Baba Bound (Clampett, 1940) [Redrawn]


Name: Calvin Crowe
Caption: George Raft does his David Copperfield impression.

bugsinchurch-hat.jpg (23941 bytes)
Rabbit Rampage (Jones, 1955)

Name: Pietro
Caption: Daffy: Well it looks like I finally got back at Bugs! Woo Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!

Name: Pietro
Caption: Bugs: Nice hat, doc, but I think I could do without the pink boid, the flowers, the ribbons and, aw, what the heck! The whole stupid poiple hat!

Name: Thad Komorowski
Caption: Honey Bunny: "Some people ask me why Bugs and I broke up. Take a guess."

Name: tterrace
Caption: And to think Chuck promised me this would be as good as "Duck Amuck."

Name: Calvin Crowe
Caption: Now watch a whole flock of birds land on his hat, making him fall over!

Name: Angle
Caption: "Stupid Barnyard dog.  If he didn't snitch on me for ruining Daffy's picture, I wouldn't be in this prediciment."

Name: Pat
Caption: "Rabbit Rampage" is not a redrawn cartoon?

Name: Bissiger Witzbold
Caption: "The tall man with the high hat..

patientporky.jpg (12868 bytes)
Patient Porky (Clampett, 1940) [Comp. Colorized]

Name: Thad Komorowski
Caption: Don't youse go to the plastic surgery room! Look what they did to my lips!

Name: Matthew
Caption: "Hey, you, duckie wit da bandage...pull my finger!"

Name: Matthew
Caption: "Hey, look over there...idn't dat Mistuh Benny?!"

Name: John Kilduff
Caption: Billy Idol's room is that way. See if you can make him stop smashing the fine china!

Name: Thad Komorowski
Caption: Rochester: "First flo'! Arthritus, Aches, Acne, and other diseases 'dat begin's wit A!"

Name: Brandon
Caption: "You're probably wondering where I got these lips from, right?"

Name: Pietro
Caption: My oh my! I'm never gonna work for Benny now!

Name: Angle
Caption: "3rd floor, toasters, coasters, roasters, books, crooks, schooks, and little yellow ducks with dirty looks like you, son."

Name: Calvin Crowe
Caption: This is floor 3...washing machines, doo-dads, and frozen perogis.

Name: Tites
Caption: I'm an Angel of Mercy, Tenchi... heheheheee heehe ehe hehe heh ehe bleh.

wetheanimals3.jpg (3569 bytes)
We, The Animals, Squeak! (Clampett, 1941) [Redrawn]

Name: Greidanus
Caption: Take this mail bomb as a sign of my gratitude.

Name: tom vejada
Caption: Here you go pppppcat

Name: Thad Komorowski
Caption: H-h-here's your prize, K-K-Kansas City K-K-Kitty! Hopefully it's m-m-more colorful than t-t-this picture is!

Name: Pietro
Caption: He's an early Christmas present Mrs. Kitty! Oh, and by the way, why is your kitten purple?

Name: Gotlucky64
Caption: Porky:Here is a present!Cat:Oh great! *thinks* Wonder if its a bomb? *Opens present* BOOM! Cat: Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer..

Name: JoMomma
Caption: M-m-m-m-m-merry Ch-ch-ch-ch... Happy Kawanzaa

Name: Matthew
Caption: "Here you go, a-ki-ki-ki-ki-kitty! Wh-wh-what's the m-m-matter?D-D-D-D-Don't you like brown giftwrap?"

Name: angle
Caption: "take this present and deliver this to Mr. Anthony

Name: king kurt
Caption: "Happy bbbbbbbboh drat it"

Name: angle
Caption: "Deliver this to Daffy Duck.  It's his brain that was found by scientists last Friday"

Name: Brandon
Caption: "It's a gun, go shoot yourself!"

Name: angle
Caption: "dddeliver this to cartoon network. It's Speedy Gonzales."

Name: Mumm-Ra
Caption: I want to see your teats, my dear.

Name: DeRaptah
Caption: Porky is so mean. Dirty Dog is in that box. <p> (watch weekend pussy hunt.)

Name: DarKrow
Caption: Porky Pig IS The Unabomber!

Name: Sentroid91
Caption: Porky's re-enacting that scene from Clue where Mr. Body gives out the weapons.

Name: Midee
Caption: I HATE PRESENTS!!!!