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We, The Animals Squeak! (1941)

wetheanimalstitle.jpg (4788 bytes)
Looney Tunes
Directed by Robert Clampett

Animation: I. Ellis
Story by Melvin Millar
Music by Carl W. Stalling

Originally Released in 1941
Redrawn Colorized in 1968
Redrawn Colorized by Color Systems, Inc.

Digitally Colorized in 1992
Digitally Colorized by CST Entertainment Inc.
"Public Domain"
AOL Time-Warner owns these films.

Plot Summary:
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animal10.jpg (11977 bytes)animal11.jpg (10358 bytes)animal12.jpg (8609 bytes)animal13.jpg (9737 bytes)
animal14.jpg (10761 bytes)animal15.jpg (9484 bytes)animal16.jpg (10238 bytes)animal17.jpg (9396 bytes)animal18.jpg (9017 bytes)
Pictures by Richard Jebe

Redrawn Colorized version notes:

   - WB Shield card is replaced by 1956 Looney Tunes sheild (from Deduce You Say). Superimposed copyright.
   - Purple kitten?!?!
   - "Lightning" shadows before title card are colored red.
   - Mostly well re-drawn.
- Clover-shaped iris out is colored green...which is actually an improvement.
Digital color version notes:

   - Colorized in 1992.
   - Fantastic job. The opening photograph-esque shot is nicely colorized.
   - Closing iris is still black.

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