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Unicorn Video Inc.

The author has found videos by this producer around the very top oh Georgia.
These videos usually have excellent sound and picture (thought to be mastered from
digital master copies). These videos are in LP mode. These tapes are the CHEAPEST that the
author has EVER seen at only $1.49. Ironically, the author has spent more for videos
of less quality. This is belived to be an accurate list of tapes. Opening WB sheilds were
probably edited out for time.

3littlepigsvid.jpg (9633 bytes)

The 3 Little Pigs

"Fox Pop" (Blue Ribbon)
"Robin Hood Makes Good" (Blue Ribbon)
"Prest-O Change-O" (Blue Ribbon)
"Pigs In A Polka" (Blue Ribbon)*

*This is the only video I've found with an actual title card...
usually cut off in fear of being sued by Weird Al Yankovic.

caspervid.jpg (9273 bytes)

Casper: The Friendly Ghost

"Boo Moon" (Harvey Films)
"Notes To You" (Redrawn Colorized)
"The Friendly Ghost" (Harvey Films)

miceisnicevid.jpg (19264 bytes)

Mice Is Nice with Friends

"The Fifth Column Mouse" (Blue Ribbon)
"Fiddlesticks" (Iwerks/Flip the Frog)
"One More Time" (See below)
"Fire Cheese" (Gabby/NTA/Fleicher)

One More Time was retitled "On Duty," redrawn colorized, and dubbed with a canned soundtrack.

mightymousevid.jpg (10581 bytes)

Mighty Mouse and Friends

Wolf Wolf (Terrytoon/MM)
Bars and Stripes Forever (Freezed titles/WB)
Goofy Goffy Gander (Terrytoon/MM)