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Rare Redrawn Images

Special Thanks to Jerry Beck for these images!
See his excellent website, Cartoon Research Inc.

Now, these redrawn colorized versions were made as tests in the mid-80's.

Barney Google

goog10.jpg (22758 bytes) google.jpg (18073 bytes)
goog11.jpg (20742 bytes) goog3.jpg (17327 bytes)
Note: "Technicolor" label was added.
goog12.jpg (20250 bytes) goog6.jpg (17796 bytes)
"Patch Mah Britches" is the right spelling.
goog5.jpg (29517 bytes) goog2.jpg (17783 bytes)
goog7.jpg (20093 bytes) goog8.jpg (24221 bytes)
goog9.jpg (19116 bytes)

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

oz1.jpg (14629 bytes)
oz2.jpg (28381 bytes)
oz3.jpg (23027 bytes) oz4.jpg (34650 bytes)
oz5.jpg (32752 bytes)
This is redrawn? Yep.
oz6.jpg (23419 bytes)