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Puss N' Booty (1943)

pussbooty1.jpg (7177 bytes)
Looney Tune
Directed by Frank Tashlin

Story by Warren Foster
Animated by Cal Dalton
Musical Direction by Carl W. Stalling

Originally Released in 1943
Redrawn Colorized in 1968
Redrawn Colorized by Color Systems Inc.
Digitally Colorized in 1990

Digitally Colorized by CST Entertainment Inc.

Plot Summary:
Woman wonders why her little pet birds keep disappearing. Rudolph the cat knows, but other than burping feathers, he's not saying. But it looks like he's met his match when the woman orders another bird from the pet shop: a little yellow canary named "Petey". After a series of unsuccessful atempts at eating Petey, the

cat disappears. Petey knows, but other than burping out Rudy's bow, he's not saying.

Frank Tashlin's cartoons are all classics. Even seeing this cartoon in traced-color form, it's still great. The mistakes are plentiful in the redrawn version, but it's still funny. The ending is very surreal.

pussbooty2.jpg (8879 bytes)pussbooty3.jpg (7501 bytes)pussbooty4.jpg (6459 bytes)
pussbooty9.jpg (7664 bytes)pussbooty5.jpg (12033 bytes)pussbooty6.jpg (10377 bytes)
pussbooty7.jpg (11170 bytes)pussbooty8.jpg (10322 bytes)
Pictures by Pietro Shakarian

Redrawn colorized version notes:

   - Cartoon Network version has the 1956 Looney Tune sheild card in place of the original 1943 sheild card.
   - The Looney Tune card appears to be made from the original frame-blow up, but with translucent color layed over it. (color layer doesn't match up)
   - One of 7 redrawn Looney Tunes still played on Cartoon Network.
   - Cells don't match backgrounds.

   - The lady, while walking up stairs, stops walking when a disolve occurs. She's literally floating in mid-air until the dissolve is over.
   - Petey Bird sleeps with his eyes open!

   - Rudolf SLIDES up stairs instead of walking in a scene.
   - The cat has blue eye whites and his whiskers appear and disappear at random.
   - Close-up shot of the cat looks very well drawn (besides the blue eye-whites.)
   - The cat's teeth are gray. (Tartar?)
   - This is the last theatrical cartoon made by Warner Bros. filmed in black & white.
   - The only one-shot Looney Tune redrawn colorized. The reason might have been because it was mistaken for a Sylvester & Tweety cartoon.
Digitally colorized version notes:

   - Colorized in 1990, but Warner Bros. has neglected to send Cartoon Network a copy.


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