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Fish Tales (1936)

fishtalestitle.jpg (19286 bytes)
Looney Tune

Directed by Jack King
Animation: Bob McKimson & Don Williams  
Musical Direction by Norman Spencer

Originally Released in 1936
Redrawn Colorized in 1968
Redrawn Colorized by Color Systems Inc.
Digitally Colorized in 1992

Digitally Colorized by CST Entertainment Inc.

Plot Summary:
Porky's going fishing, but his boat careens out of control. He finally settles in and quickly catches several fish, then falls asleep with his line in the water. While he sleeps, a fish catches a dream version of Porky and takes him home to the fish's family. Porky narrowly escapes, but has run-ins with other marine life, only to awaken and throw his catch back.

Not bad, but there are flaws. The effectiveness of the cartoon is lost when seen redrawn.

fishtales1.jpg (11245 bytes) fishtales2.jpg (7905 bytes)fishtales3.jpg (9052 bytes)fishtales4.jpg (12542 bytes)fishtales5.jpg (9214 bytes)fishtales6.jpg (10153 bytes)fishtales7.jpg (10089 bytes)
Pictures by Pietro Shakarian

Redrawn version notes:

   - Cartoon Network version has the 1956 Looney Tune sheild card in place of the original 1936 sheild card.
   - One of 7 redrawn Looney Tunes still played on Cartoon Network.
   - Irises are yellow in this cartoon.
   - Obvious mis-spelling on title card.
   - Oven has a pink interior...
   - The sequence where Porky's boat is dragged through a boat and underwater was redrawn pretty well.
Computer colorized version notes:

   - Colorized in 1992, but Warner Bros. has neglected to send Cartoon Network a copy.


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