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Monthly Feature for June '00
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Upcoming Episodes
(9:00 AM EST on The Sci-Fi Channel)
June 17: 805-The Thing That Couldn't Die June 24: 819-Invasion Of The Neptune Men July 1: NO EPISODE! July 8: 1001-Soultaker July 15: 1002-Girl In Gold Boots July 22: 1004-Future War July 29: 821-Time Chasers August 5: 811-parts: the clonus horror August 12: 1006-Boggy Creek II August 19: 1007-Track Of The Moon Beast August 26: 1008-Final Justice All times are subject to change.
Sci-Fi Channel Europe plans to aquire the rest of season 9 and season 10 for airing! See More Here.
New spring merchandise catalog from MST Info Club! Items include a 5th host segments tape and a 3rd shorts tape!
UniFil's new site, is now open!
Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese is available for pre-order @
607-Bloodlust, 202-Sidehackers, and 606-The Creeping Terror can be ordered @ & MST Info Club
513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die and 506-Eegah! DVDs can be ordered @ & MST Info Club

For more news, see

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