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Season 8 (1997)

801-Revenge of the Creature
802-The Leech Woman
803-The Mole People
804-The Deadly Mantis
805-The Thing That Wouldn't Die
806-The Undead
807-Terror from the Year 5000
808-The She Creature
809-I Was A Teenage Werewolf
810-The Great Spider Invasion
811-parts: the clonus horror
812-The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
813-Jack Frost
814-Riding With Death
815- Agent For H.A.R.M.
816-Prince Of Space
817-Horror of Party Beach
818-Devil Doll
819-Invasion of the Neptune Men
820-Space Mutiny
821-Time Chasers
822-Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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