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Season 5 (1993-1994)

501-Warrior of the Lost World
503-Swamp Diamonds w. What to Do On a Date
504-Secret Agent Super Dragon
505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
507-I Accuse My Parents w. The Truck Farmer
508-Operation Double 007
509-The Girl in Lovers' Lane
510-The Painted Hills w. Body Care and Grooming
513-The Brain That Wouldn't Die
514-Teen-age Strangler w. Is This Love?
515-The Wild World of Batwoman w. Cheating
516-Alien from L.A.
517-The Beginning of the End
518-The Atomic Brain
520-Radar Secret Service w. Last Clear Chance
521-Santa Claus
522-Teen-age Crime Wave
523-Village of the Giants
524-12 to the Moon w. Design for Dreaming

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